ATC designs and manufactures custom electroplating fixtures, primarily for hard chrome plating and nickel sulfamate plating. We also provide on-site services, including set-up and training. Our market focus includes the aerospace and automotive industries and the defense departments depot activities.

Innovative Hard Chrome Tooling Video

Prepared by National Center for Manufacturing Sciences.

Hard Chrome Plating

ATC's approach to hard chrome plating fixtures includes:

  • No-Mask design. Eliminates the need to mask parts.
  • Conforming anodes. Allows for maximum plating rates, reduced cycle times, and uniform deposits.
  • Rapid and easy set-up. Reduces labor costs and operator training requirements.
  • Exact centering. Allows for close anode to cathode spacing and results in faster plating rates and more uniform coatings.
  • Multiple surfaces plating. Allows for simultaneous plating of eight or more different surfaces on landing gear or similar part.
  • Electrical connectivity/conductance. We have devised an approach that provides a highly conductive copper connection below the solution level, without the possibility of bath contamination.
  • Anode encasement. Protection of anode from bending/breakage. Avoids worker exposure to lead-chromate film.
  • Reduced air exhaust obstructions. Streamlined design that avoids above solution obstructions.
  • Complete instructions. Fully illustrated step-by step instructions for fixturing each part.
  • Service. On and off-site service, training and repair provided.

Nickel and Cadmium Plating

ATC nickel and cadmium electroplating fixtures and associated support tooling consist of variations of conforming and no-mask conforming anode systems.  This tooling is custom designed for each application utilizing pure nickel, cadmium, steel, stainless steels, platinum and platinized titanium anode materials.

Do you have a large part that doesn't fit into your existing plating tank?  ATC also specializes in out-of-tank flow-style anode plating systems for large parts.

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